A deep dive into our Community Partner program

1 min readFeb 5, 2024


We want to give back to the communities across the Crypto ecosystem through our upcoming airdrop.

We believe our program will do just that, in a fair and balanced manner.

Community Partner Program 👐

When a community joins our program they will be able to access exclusive rewards, and free tickets.

Each partner will receive a unique code to distribute to their community members, rewarding them with free daily tickets.

How the Tickets System Works 🎫

Every user can sign up with one community to receive free tickets and contribute to the community leaderboard.

Members of partnered communities can claim a free daily ticket for five days using their unique community codes.

The Leaderboard, and Community Leaderboard 🏆

BitBrawl features two types of leaderboards, individual and community. While the individual leaderboard tracks personal points, the community leaderboard aggregates the total points earned by all members within the community. This approach ensures that top-ranking communities receive exclusive rewards.

The $BRAWL token airdrop offers a unique opportunity for our partnered communities to engage more deeply with the game and earn rewards. Our goal is to honor the passion and dedication of our partnered communities towards the BitBrawl universe.

Apply to become a Community Partner here