BitBrawl’s NFT Collection ⚔️

2 min readMar 12, 2024


Let’s dive deep into our Brawler NFTs, the perks that come with them, the free $BRAWL airdrop tickets and the art revamp.

BitBrawl NFTs 👊

Our NFTs act as the keys into the BitBrawl universe and consist of 10,000 generative NFTs with 4 different rarity types. These are common, epic, mythic and legendary — rarity can be found on the metadata of all the NFTs.

Each NFT is randomly generated from a vast selection of traits belonging to 4 BitBrawl regions. Don’t worry if you only see a silhouette, we’re currently upgrading the art.

NFT Collection Showcase

The NFT Artwork 🎨

Currently, our NFT collection is under-going a FULL art revamp. With the artwork nearing completion we are very excited to finally start showcasing some sneak-peeks.

We think we have gone above and beyond in creating a strong PFP for all our holders to appreciate and show-off on social media platforms.

Apart from randomized traits, we’re also adding levels to each item — hence making them even more diverse.

Each armor, weapon and head gear will have 3 levels.

Art Level Showcase

BitBrawl NFT Airdrop Perks 📦

All BitBrawl NFT holders gain free daily tickets, which can be used on our airdrop platform for our upcoming $BRAWL token airdrop.

Rarity of the NFTs matter, this means the rarer the NFT the more tickets they will be given daily.

Here is a breakdown on how many daily free tickets brawlers get given based on their rarity:

Common — 3 Tickets

Epic — 6 Tickets

Mythic — 15 Tickets

Legendary — 45 Tickets

BitBrawl NFT Airdrop Perks Showcase

You can buy our NFTs on Magic Eden here

You can participate in the $BRAWL airdrop here